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Open Discussion: Share Your Signature Artwork

For this Open Discussion we’re asking you to share one artwork that defines your signature style. In the comments below, add an image or link to the artwork on Redbubble that best represents you as an artist

Choose an artwork that would be the first image in your portfolio, or the image you feel most proud of. Is there a single defining artwork that you feel encapsulates your style? Show it off and explain why you chose it.


"Selfie" by Sophie Moates

It’s good practice to select an artwork that sums up your creative essence — it helps you reflect more on your work, or realize there’s something about your artwork you especially like that you hadn’t seen before. Either way, this is a great place to share a link to the work on Redbubble so we can discuss and comment on our signature works.

Be sure to let us know why you selected the work. Did you know exactly which one you’d share, or did you have to ponder? Is your signature work from 2014 or from years past?

Share your Redbubble link and discuss below.