15 Amazing and Inspiring Throw Pillow Designs

We’re so excited about our newly launched Throw Pillows that we thought we’d collect 15 our favorites from the Redbubble community to help give you guys some inspiration and guidance about how to best design the perfect accessory to any sofa, loveseat, recliner, or bed.

When designing for a throw pillow, try and keep things bold and punchy, and don’t overcrowd designs for the sake of filling the square. Vector designs look especially good on pillows, and always look striking on a couch corner. For more info, you can read up on our latest tips at our knowledge base, but to help get you started, here’s an assortment of stunning designs that look great on our most recent addition to the RB family.

“LOGIC” by Steve Leadbeater

Keep things bold and simple for a punchy pillow. Big bold words are always a winning design and it’s always fun to communicate via pillow fight.

“Adventure Awaits” by Leah Flores

When using photographs on pillows, try and stick to one image that covers the entire pillow. The mix of hand-drawn text and a landscape on “Adventure Awaits” works well together.

“Bohemian Woods” by ayarti

My personal favorite, geometric graphics always look great and can be created in an endless assortment of shapes and color palettes.

“Ahab” by Marcelo Perin

Tight cropping and zooming can work to your advantage with pillows. Identifying one or two key elements of a design and focusing on them (like this weary sailor’s face) can make your designs pop.

“Bottled Love” by Ine Spee

Use textures that appear naturally in your work, such as this illustration with a slight paper and watercolour texture to make unique pillows.

“Smooth Fine Evil” by Lukas Brezak

You’re essentially designing for a tiny perfect square, so consider the composition of the design (like this square-headed monster) in your design placement on the template.

“T-VEST” by AnishaCreations


A classic RB pillow is an adorable vector with a carefully chosen background colour. Dreamy.

“no.4” by Randi Antonsen

Collage and clashing imagery can work beautifully on throw pillows. Juxtapose style, colors, or subject to make new and wondrous works.

“Wrong Place Wrong Time” by dazzamataz

Don’t be afraid to get painterly! Our printers can handle ultra-detailed designs, including the subtle nuances of a brush stroke, shown here in this very dramatic design.

“The Wise Monster” by flim

Pronounced designs with one central focus often get more attention. Like this bossy monster, who was going to get your attention either way. Bold popping colors that clash like orange and green always work well.

“Float on” by Brandy Ford

Keep it stunningly simple yet effective by choosing one single element to showcase. Float on lazy cloud, float on.

“CMYK – the creation of retro” by Elo Marc

Pillows are a good place to literally project your passions onto — slap down some vinyl and put that on your armchair. Designs can work well if they frame the pillow, the way these hands create a frame here is golden.

“DJ” by Ali Gulec

Keeping your palette to a minimum is a good idea, choosing a handful of consistent colors makes the design digestible to the eye.

“Calm” by headless

Good designs tell stories and help us construct our own narratives. Embrace this when creating for pillows and show off your designed characters.

“Team Fantastic” by heavyhand

Occasionally more is more — repeat patterns and busy designs can be very effective if they’re simplistic and swish, like this noisy bunch shown here.

Check out more Throw Pillows here and share your own designs and tips in the comments below.