Seeing Double: Mirror Images Aligned in Perfect Symmetry

Often the closer an image is to being perfectly symmetrical the more appealing it is to the viewer. This holds true in art, nature, physical appearance, and more. How could we remain sane in a world so chaotic without some sort of visual order? As the birthdays’ of our lovely Gemini friends approach let us take the time to appreciate the beauty in twins. Whether they are identical, conjoined or otherwise, let them reign in all of their symmetrical glory reminding us to take a moment to look at ourselves, outside of ourselves.

"Skin" by chazzieh

"Super Monster" by Chelsea Greene Lewyta

"Musical Anatomy: Astor & Pollux" by Shawn Feeney

"Snakes and Flowers" by Raewyn Haughton

"Conjoined Twins (No.1)" by HermannNewman

"Sara-mago" by Oliveira37

"Twin" by BumbleBeesh

"Dutch Deer" by Landon Wierenga

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