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Scoop Necks and Tank Tops are Now Available

Redbubble continues to expand our repertoire of great T-shirt styles that are just waiting to be beautified by your art with Scoop Necks and unisex Tank Tops.

The Scoop Neck is made of 100% sheer jersey cotton and has capped sleeves and Merrow stitched hems. It’s also fully reversible so so feel free to renact all of your favorite Kriss Kross music videos.

The Tank Top is totally unisex, which means all humans can partake in the glory of sleevelessness. It too is made from 100% jersey cotton and is super-comfy on warm days (or freezing days, if you’re, ya know, nuts.)

If your work is already available as T-shirts, you’re good to go since we’ve conveniently created a very advanced computer thing that automatically adds these styles to your RB shop.

For tips on how to make amazing T-Shirts, check out our Knowledge Base and our Tips & Tutorials section.

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