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Piece of the Week: ‘Radioactive Wolves of Chernobyl’ by Cammiller

In our newest Piece of the Week , we’re highlighting the seizure-inducing-ear-drum-bleeding palette of “Radioactive Wolves of Chernobyl” by Cammiller.

Sometimes palette choices come along that are so fresh and new that they seem like something the design-spehere has been waiting for. I think Cammiller holds a skill as an artist that goes beyond the recent trend of fluorescence and orange-yellow clashes to bring something unique to the use of color. The intensity of the aqua green against the graduating pink tones reminds me of the way corrupted digital video files glitch to create spastic, new color arrangements.

"Radioactive Wolves" of Chernobyl by cammiller

Cammiller says that his work is about, “the end of human life in Chernobyl after the nuclear fire gave way to new wildlife hosting the area.” It’s with this stretch of the imagination that the powerful image of radioactive animals in Ukraine was born, and what a fantastical thought.

Cammiller’s detailed hand-drawn wolves in the foreground against a simple blocked in city skyline is reminiscent of a comic or graphic novel — the focus is on the subject, and the background is a beautiful hazy periphery.

Detailing and focusing on the radioactive wolves is fitting for Camiller, because if I came across these wolves with radioactive juice flowing through their blood, it would be all that had my attention too. Because of its mad drawing skills and vertigo-inducing palette, this intimidating work is our Piece of the Week.