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Piece of the Week: ‘Frida Blue’ by zaneta-antosik

This week’s Piece of the Week, “Frida Blue” celebrates a rarity in the canon of contemporary design: a brilliant Frida Kahlo portrait. Created by the outrageously talented Polish graphic illustrator zaneta-antosik (seriously, check out her profile). Frida Kahlo is the grandmother of Spanish-American feminist folk art, and her work has a cult-following that produces a tremendous amount of homage art in her style. So often Kahlo-inspired works of art appropriate her style in a crude, knockoff way. zaneta-antosik has done an incredible job of staying true to her integrity as an artist herself, and incorporating the look of Kahlo to make this portrait.


"Frida Blue" by zaneta-antosik

The detail and skill of this portrait have my design-geek-receptors pinging in overdrive. The slight texture in the background blue (and what a blue it is), combined with the curated play of geometric shapes to create concaves and convexes that build the form of Frida’s face. It’s design-engineering-art (is that a thing? it is now) at it’s best. And when it’s clear to see the mechanism of a good piece of design, as if we’re watching the cogs inside zaneta-antosik’s head turn, that is something to celebrate (and stare at, for hours on end).