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Open Discussion: What’s Your Creative Mantra?

After our post on artists and their creative commandments, I was thinking about what we must all tell ourselves to take new steps, start new journeys, or expedite our processes each day. This week, we’re asking you what’s your mantra? What do you tell yourself so you can boldly go into new, unchartered areas?

Joan Didion said, “we tell ourselves stories in order to live.” So what do you tell  yourself before uploading new works, exhibition openings, or before you begin a new project? What do you say that affirms what is clear: that you’re awesome and talented and focused? I try and tell myself the American soul musician and producer James Brown’s quote, “When you wake up each morning and walk down the street, think to yourself, damn right I’m somebody!” But only when I really need it as it seems to be more effective when used sparingly.

"When All Hope Is Gone" by Steven Thornton

There’s some classics out there (and they’re classics for a reason, they’re great) like “This too shall pass” or “Now is the right time.” Artists seem to have their own commandments too, do you use any of those? Rules to live hard and fast by?

Please share in the comments below any mantras you use to psych yourself up, meditate briefly or focus your attention. I think we can all learn from each other, and it goes a long way to helping yourself understand how we encourage ourselves each day.

Please share your creative mantra and why it inspires you in the comments below.