A ‘Mad’ Collection of Classy Cocktails

This sunday brings the first episode of the final season of AMC’s Mad Men, and if there’s one thing we love about the ambiguous exploits of Don Draper and the rest of his ’60s ad-exec cohorts, it’s the booze. Not an episode (or a scene for that matter) goes by without a character partaking in a mid-day (or mid-morning) office cocktail, whether it be Peggy, Joan, Pete, Roger, Betty, or (of course) Don. Those high-functioning alcoholics love their Old Fashioneds, Manhattans, Martinis, and every other fermented or distilled beverage almost as much as they love ruining the lives of the people they love and hold dear.

So here’s a collection of cocktail-based art from the RB community for you, Mad Men. We’ll miss you.

Here here!

"gin and pistachios" by anjou

"Cocktails" by andydsb

"Bombay Sapphire Martini" by Michael Creese

"Cocktails" by Graham Bliss

"party time" by pugfish

"Lunch" by kevlar51

"Love Gin" by Lorena Vigil-Escalera

"Pineal Colada" by LordWharts

"Irish Whiskey" by Ken Powers

"Margarita" by nealcampbell

"A scotch for you!" by Wildi

"Make mine a Manhattan" by Joumana Medlej

"Draper's Bar" by DeardenDesign

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