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Daily Inspiration: 4 Artists and their Lists of Commandments

We all need rules. Whether it’s a new daily routine, learning to accept rejection, or paying closer to attention our dreams. And artists Peter Fischli, David Weiss, Corita Kent, and Henry Miller have turned their rules into lists of commandments to live, create, and learn by. Seeing these pieces of advice from successful artist types really helps bring home the idea that with talent, passion, and confidence, living the creative life can be attained by following a few simple steps.

Swiss duo Fischli and Weiss made their list, “How To Work Better” into a work of art:

from Cléo Charuet´s studio wall and / or Peter Fischli & David Weiss

Corita Kent put hers in her book after being an MFA educator for many years:

Corita Kent Learning By Heart: Teaching to Free the Creative Spirit

Henry Miller wrote his list when he was gearing up to write “Tropic Of Cancer.”

From Henry Miller On Writing by Henry Miller

Do you have a favorite list to share? What rules do you live by to create work? Please share in the comments below.


"Hope Avenue" by Oscar Monfort