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Daily Inspiration: The Grateful Dead’s Sound as Art

"Grateful Dead performances were by design not consciously planned, often reaching their artistic peak when the collective stumbled upon something stunning, when 'the music played the band,' as it were. Instead of using set lists, the Grateful Dead chose songs by experimenting together until a pulse, rhythm, phrase, or riff emerged from the group, suggesting a song. Their collective, improvisatory musical works communicate felling like any other artwork."

In Steven Gimbel’s chuckle-inducingly titled, “The Grateful Dead and Philosophy: Getting High Minded about Love and Haight,” he looks at how the American 1970s rock group The Grateful Dead created music akin to the collective collaborative process of making artwork. I like the idea of the music playing the band, as if a group effort created a new space that were the sum of its parts.



"We Live No More" by Alex Cherry