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How Edward Ruscha Recycles His Artwork

"Basically everything I've done in art, I was in possession of when I was 20 years old. I use a waste retrieval method of working. I'll go back and use something that disgusted me 15 years ago but that I had enough sense to think about. Some artists change dramatically. I see my work more like history being written."

In 1990, the grandfather of American painting, Ed Ruscha did an interview in the LA Times and looked back on over 30 years of steadily creating a body of work that has lived on beyond him. His idea that he had everything he needed for art by the time he was 20 is an interesting one. Let us know in the comments below if you felt like you were ready and equipped with a foundation of experiences, love, trauma and knowledge you’d need for a lifetime of artistic work by 20.

Some people feel like they needed a lifetime of learning before they could even pick up a brush, pen, or camera; did you?

"Mango and Mantis" by Joe Helms