Celebrate the Cherry Blossom Festival with Japanese-Inspired Illustrations

For thousands of years, Japanese culture has served as a point of inspiration for artists, from the seasonal changes of  Cherry Blossom Festivals, to the rich history of martial arts, to traditional food ceremonies. The artworks below are just a handful of the hundreds of fresh takes on Japanese illustration, known for it’s two-dimensional panels and delicate hand-drawn artworks. Please leave your favorite Redbubble Japanese inspired works in the comments below, we’d love to see the works that come to mind.

"Life 2 - Sepia Version" by BelleFlores

"Geisha" by Debbie Jew

"Cherry Blossoms II" by Kathie Nichols

"Cult of Beauty" by Lisa Wong

"Sushi Me" by thickblackoutline

"The Unstoppabull Force" by MatMiller

"The Heavenly Lotus Tea House" by Pete Katsiaounis

"The Crane Wife" by Budi Satria Kwan

"The Courtship" by Karen Yee

"Fox Twins" by Judith Loske

"Koi (version2)" by Narelle Craven

"Family of owls" by Kasheva