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Buzz Aldrin Sends a Message with the Help of RB Artist Synaptyx

Legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin delivered a keynote address to the Global Aerospace Summit in Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi about how U.S. space exploration can live on in the commercial sector rather than through a government-run organization like NASA. The man who walked on the Moon said the UAE can play a pivotal role in funding such efforts with an eye toward getting mankind to Mars.

Aldrin solidifed his statement by tweeting an image of himself wearing RB Artist Synaptyx’s “Get Your Ass to Mars” shirt.

Aldrin said:

Thank you to my Emirati friends – a great visit to the UAE! Gotta keep expanding on my Unified Space Vision regarding Get Your Ass To Mars!

On his Facebook page, Synaptyx gleefully shared the photo, and added:

So this happened. Genuine legend and international hero, Buzz Aldrin wearing my shirt!!! /dies I’m still in shock!

So happy to see Mr. Aldrin has such great taste in T-Shirts. Get your own “Get Your Ass to Mars” shirt here.

"Get Your Ass to Mars" by synaptyx

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