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The New Stuff: Applying Default Markups for Your Products

Have you ever thought how splendid it would be if you didn’t have to figure out your margins every time you upload a work? Or have you wanted to change your markup across the board, but thrown your hands up in despair when you realise you have a bazillion works in your portfolio?

Rest easy dear Bubblers, salvation is at hand! You can now set default markups of your choice. And it’s all a fairly simple process.

You’ll need to start by clicking on Edit Profile, then in the list on the left hand side you will see Edit Pricing.

Now it’s simply a matter of deciding what margins you would like to receive in your hot little pocket for each individual product you sell, and set your markup accordingly. Alternatively you can choose to set them all the same by typing in the first percentage and clicking Apply to all.

You also have the option to tick the box “apply these markups to all my existing works,” which does exactly what it promises. How’s that for a nice little time-saver? All that’s left to do now is click the big red button at the bottom!

Once you have saved your default markups, it’s pretty much a case of set and forget. Each time you add a new work your margins will now automatically populate in your upload page. And if for some reason you want the margin on a particular work to be more or less than your default settings, you can customize an individual markup at any time.

As always, we have prepared a handy FAQ over in our knowledge base.

[Header Image: “Male Giraffe” by AnimalCrew]