Terror Takes Flight with this Collection of Pterodactyls

Pterodactyls have captured the imaginations of millions of humans since they were first discovered in the 18th used their wings as flippers! Crazy stuff, right? However, much has been learned about the pterodactyl since then. Since pterodactyls are totally the number one prehistoric extinct creature that we’d all want to ride to work, we set forth and collected our favorite pterodactyl-themed art from all over Redbubble. Also, did you know that baby pterodactyls are called flaplings? It’s the most adorable thing ever.

Some pterodactyl screeching may have been involved in the making of this collection.

“Razor Beak Supreme” by 01Graphics

“Kiteodactyl” by Madison Russel

“Drip dry pterodactyl” by Siegeworks

“Meanwhile In Space” by KristyKate

“Pterodactyl delay pedal” by jezkemp

“T-Rex vs the Pterodactyls” by divebargraphics

“Pterodactyl pilot” by Adew

“Guitar Man vs Pterodactyl” by MalvadoPhD

“Pterodactyl ride” by casa