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Spotlight on RB Groups: Whimsical & Fanciful

Welcome to our very first “Spotlight on Groups” on the Redbubble Blog. For the past year, our Redbubble Community Team have been delighting in the amazing amount of art collections, passion and talent that can be found in the galleries of Redbubble groups. And now we’ve decided to move the neighborhood block party here to get some more hip-hip hurrah’s for our groups and dedicated hosts.

This month’s feature belongs to “Whimsical & Fanciful,” a group that focuses their attention on art that epitomizes that sense of “play and imagination.” According to the hosts, Thea (tatefox) and Marianna Tankelevich, this group wants to “showcase those original images that are quaint, oddball, charming, fantastical, playful, thoughtful, quirky, kooky, funny, silly, absurd and imaginative… or any combination of the above.” What could be better than having some fun with your art?

Take a skip through some of their work and read what the members have to say about this group.

"Not Good with Children" by Cindy Schnackel

"Whimsy is a big part of what I do, and what makes me make art. It’s the self amusement factor of whimsy. Sometimes we submit art to this or that group that it fits, but no matter what the subject or medium, if it’s got whimsy, it fits here. The hosts have been great, they really get whimsy!" - Cindy Schnackel

"The Seeker" by Adam Bogusz

"I was immediately interested in the group because they encourage artists to use their imagination which is vital to my own work. As Einstein once said ," Imagination is everything" I also particularly enjoy this group because it doesn't limit its selections to any one style. This helps to keep the works selected there varied and interesting." - Adam Bogusz

"From the Fringes of the Milky Way by Aleksandra Kabakova

"I love the selection of art works in the group – original, charming, inspiring. Every piece of art has a story to tell. I enjoy being a part of the group!" - Aleksandra Kabakova

"Balloon Girl" by RobynLee

‘Whimsical & Fanciful" Has featured several of my artworks so I find this group to have wonderful artwork on it as well as being terrific in getting your work noticed. Thanks!" - RobynLee

We send a collective high five and thank you to both of the hosts, Thea (tatefox) and Marianna Tankelevich and the talented members of Whimsical & Fanciful. Please stop by (or join) their group HERE.

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