A Flood of ‘Noah’ Inspired Artwork

The story of Noah’s Arc has always had a dark undertone in that God’s original intention was to destroy the entire Earth after seeing how corrupt it had become, which seems kind of extreme. In the story, God warned Noah about this impending globe-wrecking flood and instructed him to make an ark out of Cypress wood.  Now, this weekend, Darren Aronofsky’s epic film “Noah” starring Russell Crowe is being released to movie theaters around the world, and we’ve noticed a tremendous flood of Noah’s Ark inspired work on Redbubble.

So in this collection, we’re paying homage to the artists in our community who have been inspired by the story of Noah in the book of Genesis and the themes of big-time floods.

"Future Noah's Ark" by TomWright156

"The Ark Remains" by Hugh Fathers

"Building the Ark" by albutross

"Noah's Ark .....God's Measurements" by Kate Eller

"Boat - The construction of Noah's Ark" by Mike Savad

"Ararat, Noah etc" by Nikolay Semyonov

"Noahs Search Party" by Andrew Nawroski

"Noah's Ark" by bertviles

"Dehydration" by George Grie

"Message from the Sea" by ChristianSchloe

"Threatening Skies" by Mieke Boynton

"The Ancient Sea" by Beth Thompson

"A Soul, Swallowed Whole" by Raquella Raquella

"Island Rain" by Varinia - Globalphotos

"Rain birds" by Alice Carroll

"We set sail at sunset" by Andrew (ark photograhy art)

"Stormbringers" by freeminds

Please share any other Noah inspired artwork in the comments below, and make sure you stay above sea level for the next week or so.