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Daily Inspiration: William H. Gass Says to Take Your Art Seriously

"We must take our sentences seriously, which means we must understand them philosophically, and the odd thing is that the few who do, who take them with utter sober seriousness, the utter sober seriousness of right-wing parsons and political saviors, the owners of Pomeranians, are the liars who want to be believed, the novelists and poets, who know that the creatures they imagine have no other being than the sounding syllables which the reader will speak into his own weary and distracted head. There are no magic words. To say the words is magical enough."

William H. Gass’ advice on taking our words seriously struck me as advice to live by. Substitute his use of “sentences” and “words” and place your own artistic outlet in there. Take your art, your design, your photography, and your sketches seriously. Understand your hand-drawn cards and take a philosophical approach to designing your next tee. This quote comes from his stirring book “The World Within the World” and is filled with fabulous observances such as this. Taking your own art and passions seriously isn’t just for “right-wing parsons and political saviors,” or simply for, “owners of Pomeranians,” it is for all of us.

"end of the world" by CosmicNuggets