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Daily Inspiration: Timothy Samara’s Expressive Type

"I have little interest in illustration, which lacks a kind of transcendental quality. It is too literal. I find typography more straightforward, conceptual, and appealing, with its strict geometric vocabulary. There is a bridge between typographic design and fine art, especially since typography possesses a complex subtlety. The idea, the method, and the honesty in expression are central to a designer who works with type."

In Timothy Samara’s “Typography Workbook: A Real-World Guide to Using Type in Graphic Design,” he talks about the importance of expression. While Samara, an expert in typefaces is speaking about typography, you can also apply the urgency he feels towards expression being present in what you make across all art forms. That bridge between design and fine art, between formality and expression, is where we’d like to be. It’s somewhere to aim for today.

"Paper Towns Typography" by saycheese14