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Daily Inspiration: Kate Leth on Asking for Help

Kate or Die artist Kate Leth has had a great year. Or a terrible year – it really depends on how you’re looking at it. In her latest strip, “Leap of Faith,” Leth describes how new creative opportunities, some personal growth, and some personal tragedies all crowding each other over the last few months, have lead her to see help.


Courtesy of Kate Leth 2014

“I don’t like to admit my faults,” Leth tells us, “I think I can handle anything. I’m tough, strong, resilient, and resourceful.” But she confesses that she’s also – like the rest of us – only human.

In the notes for the strip, Leth confesses that the tumult in her life might make for some good comics, but in the meantime, she’s taken the first, frightening step of asking a stranger help her sort out all of the complicated mess going on in her head.

What about you out there, readers – how do you cope when life starts closing in? Do you seek out help or do you use it to fuel your art? Or maybe something in between?

Let us know in the comments.

[Source: Kate or Die]

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