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Daily Inspiration: Chris Lozos on Women Designers

"The role of women designers is completely in their own hands unless they create a self fulfilling prophesy. Women (and men) will find what they are looking for in the design field. If you are looking for sexism and bigotry, you will find it. If you are looking for a place to exert your own creativity and succeed as a designer, you will find it. My advice is that you search for exactly what you want to find. Be the person you want to be instead of wishing someone would grant you that wish. The women designers who are getting a leading role are the women who have seized the day and taken it. If you feel you are not worthy, then you will be found not worthy by others so simply BE worthy and believe in yourself."

GraphicArt News interviewed 12 industry-leading female designers to ask them their opinion of the roles of women in design. Typographer Chris Lozos’ answer was especially inspiring, and her straight-forward advice on building your own prophecy in an industry that has both bigotry and amazing support systems in place is worth thinking about. Working for yourself and seeking out the best people for you to work alongside are key pointers from Lozos’ perspective.

She added:

” There is only one creature on this earth that you totally control. That person is yourself. There are some people whom you may influence to some degree and there are some people whom you invite to influence you. The vast majority of others in the world will be mostly disinterested in you but not because they are uncaring, instead because they have their own lives to focus on most of the time.

There are also another set of people in any field. They are the selfish, the greedy, and even the evil. You cannot change them or defeat them but you can minimize how they affect you. Don’t waste your time or your soul with them.

Woman, Man, or Android, you have the power if you create the power from within. Those who have no power are waiting for someone else to grant it to them. This will not happen. You were born with everything you need. Believe it and get to work making yourself be that person. Screw all the assholes in the world, they don’t matter. You matter, your friends matter, your family matters. Work for them and yourself.”

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