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Piece of the Week: ‘Conjoined Twins (No.1)’ by HermannNewman

This week’s Piece of the Week takes us on a bit of a trip to a fabulously bright place. “Conjoined Twins (No.1)” by  HermannNewman has been influenced by surrealist and 20th century painters such as Katz, Hopper and Hockney and other artists with a liberal use of color.


Conjoined Twins (No.1) by HermannNewman

Straight from the painterly mind of HermannNewman (via the desert of New Mexico) “ConjoinedTwins (No. 1)” is a weird and majestic work and I get the sense that HermannNewman is most certainly in on some kind of strange cosmic joke. Check out his portfolio, literally every figure he creates has a cactus head. It’s fabulous. His psychedelic artworks look as if they’ve been created by a very dehydrated being who has started to see mirages. The trippy colors look like they’re lifted from a psych Brit Pop 1960s band poster. The subtle polka-dot detail on the women’s dresses let us know that HermannNewman has a focused attention to detail in his work, and appreciates the clashing of cultural references he creates. The casual hand drawn quality of “ConjoinedTwins (No.1)” makes this fun and symbolic homage to strange times of yesteryear our “Piece of the Week.”