Other-Worldly Orbs and Mysterious Bright Lights

There are artworks out there that seemed to have had a life of their own for what appears to be a long time before you stumbled across them. This collection of Redbubble artworks possess an uncanny or other-worldy quality about them. Perhaps it’s their slanting¬†preternatural light or ghostly subject matter that gives them a peculiar edge.

"Foggy Night" by fixtape

"When the lamp lighting-time in the valley" by TokikoAnderson

"The Dissapearing" by Mark Hayward

"Ember of Life" by kirilart

"What's That Noise?" by Trish Mistric

"Hunted" by NatashaDSaville

"nightblindness" by Larry Stewart

"Day 97 - 15th October 2011" by petegrev

"Too blurry out here and there yet breathing" by queenenigma

Do you have any favorite bright lights or shining artworks on RB? We’d love to see them in the comments below.¬†