It’s Children’s Authors & Illustrators Week at Redbubble

National  Children’s Authors & Illustrators Week runs from February 2nd to 8th in the US. It began to help boost literacy rates across the world and increase engagement with reading for young people. Using art and illustration has proven to be a powerful tool to keep everyone, young and old engaged in books, share stories and capture imaginations.

Our Redbubble community have a rich series of illustrations and designs aimed at children so we’ve created a collection that celebrates this week  fittingly. These pieces of art have been made to live inside the pages of books and on tiny little tees. You can click on any of the artworks below to be taken to the artwork pages. Please help celebrate this week by sharing in the comments below your favorite Redbubble children’s illustration artwork.


"Lumberjack Moose" by CodiBear8383

"Sleepy Kids" by Rumpleshark

"Kitty Knitting" by Amalia K

"The Little Inuit Girl And The Wolf" by Judith Loske

"Midnight Tea in the Octoking's Garden" by Amz Kelso

"Squirrel Tree" by Irene Owens

"Don't Forget About Zebras" by Nikella

"Aviator Daydream" by amalou

"Spellcaster" by KDOTJAY

"Coldprickly, a children's book story and illustration" by H Frasier

"Relax therapy" by StressieCat

W is for Whale" by CodiBear8383

"Sunny October Day" by Lyuda

"Mortimer Wants to Surf" by Jerry Bennett

"Walking on a rainy day" by KasumiCR

"Lets play pretend" by littlelemon

"riding the storm" by Richard Morden

"Let's play astronauts!" by Rowan Lee-Foyster

"Chubby Dinosaur" by abbottoons

"The Owl and The Pussycat" by Ray Shuell

"The Wanderer" by Molly Lombard

"Don't Eat Me, Please!" by Ray Shuell

"frankenstein creature in storm" by martyee

"The Knight, The Princess and The Dragon" by colonelle

"Skipping Stones" by Sarah Mac

"Love" by treasured-gift

Not only are we celebrating Children’s Authors & Illustrators Week here at RB, but it’s also our 7th birthday and you can win one of 7, handmade Mr. Baxter dolls! Head here to find out more details.