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Daily Inspiration: Greg Graffin on the Fire Inside

"You can't let your personal disposition be dictated by the world around you. You can look at Bad Religion, and, really, almost everything I've ever done was an exercise in creativity. I've always had a desire to challenge and question authority, and that's where the fire inside comes from. I challenged authority out of a desire to make things better, not to be nihilistic about it. And that's the power of creativity..."

The above quote comes from a 2010 interview with Bad Religion frontman, and punk rock icon Greg Graffin. Graffin explains that no matter what’s happening, or how much it seems like hope is lost, an artist must turn to his creativity to improve the world. And a healthy challenge of authority, a desire for change, and a burning fire inside is (almost) all you need to make a difference through your art.

"Free Meal" by SylvestreLeChat