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7 Years of Incredible Redbubble Stats

A few weeks ago Redbubble had our 7th birthday. This felt important. 7 years with an unchanged purpose of standing for artists. Mr. Baxter even gave away 7 dolls he had made by hand (with the help of the very talented Lily McDonnell).

It also feels like a good time to give everyone a bit more insight into how RB continues in its mission to enable more artists to reach more people more often. And to give you a bit more information about where your customers are coming from and what they are buying.

So please, check out the wonderful infographic below:

By: Jon Bernbach

Congratulations to the winners of 7 limited edition, handmade Mr. Baxter dolls:

Ivan Vera

Abbey Nope

Mary Ciesynski

Alison Dill

A.J. Vidales

Jonathan Recinos

Dreama Jeantet

He’s on his way now!