RB Travel Guide: The Grand Canyon

Have you ever stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon? If you haven’t, you should. Now. Go do it. We’ll wait…

Are you back?


Did you get weak in the knees? Did you cry? Both?


Now let’s proceed.

The Colorado River began carving out the Grand Canyon around 17 million years ago. The winding, mind blowing natural occurrence is 277 miles long, reaches dizzying depths of over one mile, and is prone to both extremely hot summers and frigidly freezing winters. It’s also one of the “Wonders of the World” and every man, woman, and child needs to see it with their own eyes before they shuffle off this world.

We’ve covered the “Wonders of the World” previously on this blog, but the Grand Canyon deserves its own shout out as it might be the most wondrous of said wonders. So strap on your pack, saddle up that burro, or just stand at the top and stare in awe, because this installment of the RB Travel Guide is going to be grand.

"Flying high" by Chris Brunton

"Through The Clouds 1" by Jacinthe Brault

"End of the Tracks" by petitejardim

"Sunset at Pipe Creek Vista, Grand Canyon South Rim" by Martin Lawrence

"Spirts Of The Canyon" by Kathleen Struckle

"The Grand Canyon" by Kymbo

"The Grand Canyon and little bitsy I" by bertspix

"Snow in the Canyon" by Michelle Pearson

"Grand Canyon" by Stephen Knowles

"Dawn Over The Grand Canyon" by saxonfenken

Bonus: This last one isn’t the Grand Canyon, but it is a great looking shot of Horseshoe Bend, which is another amazing site not far from the Grand guy.

"Horseshoe Canyon Before the Storm" by OPTATIVE

Do you have any favorite natural or man made wonders on RB you’d like to share? Have you found a favorite shot of the Grand Canyon? Paste them in the comments below.

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