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Piece of the Week: ‘Just wondering if….’ by Elle J. Wilson

“Just wondering if….” by Elle J. Wilson is an elegant illustration of a rather charming sleek greyhound. Apart from the cute eyes this subject is sporting, it’s the fine pencil work around the top of the dogs head that caught my eye. The illustration is both delicate and thoughtful, while the attention to detail is stunning from the fine few hairs on the crown of the dogs head to the lush fur around its collar. Not only is this weeks POW reflective of our relationship to animals, it’s also beautifully composed as our gaze is drawn to the left as the dog’s focused gaze seems endless.


"Just wondering if...." by Elle J Wilson

Elle J. Wilson has built a portfolio of fabulous illustrations of dogs, portraits of Whippets, Weimaraners, and pretty much every furry friend in between. It’s obviously a passion for her to commit these animals on paper, and it’s a pleasure to see. Her drawings are comforting. There’s a unique sensibility on display in “Just wondering if” that suggests the artist is observant, and open to life’s small wonders and pleasures, such as a caring glance from your canine friend, which all makes this special illustration our slobbery, friendly Piece of the Week.