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Piece of the Week: ‘EXPLORE’ by JazzberryBlue

There are some moments when your mind begins exploring and explodes simultaneously. You’ve probably experienced several. Perhaps when you’ve gone so deeply into watching David Lynch films or reading about string theory or the Hadron Collider or listening to Mahler records. Perhaps you found your hat flying off, you head opening up, and the entire universe hanging out of your ears. “EXPLORE” by JazzberryBlue is a brilliant piece of work that illustrates these very moments .

"EXPLORE" by JazzberryBlue

There’s also an inverse to this in JazzberryBlue’s work, because it’s also suggesting that this entire expansive universe of wonder and explosion could be found internally, within one man, sitting on the floor in a meditative pose. Either way you look at it, the colour range JazzberryBlue has used creates a harmony between the golden surrounds of the shilouette and the bright blues and purples of outer space in this digital collage.

This simple work shows an evolved design by JazzberryBlue, and the use of textures has been sensitively considered. It’s rare to come across a piece that hasn’t been overworked or overdone, and when discussing subject matter such as expanding your mind or seeing the universe, it’s no simple feat to be able to pull that off. “EXPLORE” says so much and yet remains a quiet artwork. Most of it is covered in the flowing and peaceful golden-yellow surrounds. Anyway you look at it, JazzberryBlue has created an artwork that doesn’t need to work for your undivided attention. It just gets it.

Because of the effective simple expression of opening one’s own mind, “EXPLORE” by JazzberryBlue is our Piece of the Week.