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Max Hattler’s ‘AANAATT’ is a Masterpiece of Stop-Motion Animation

The title of this post should have been “Stop motion animators confirm they do nothing but stop motion animation all day” or “animators wonder why they live life without love, friendship, or sunlight” (we kid!), as this video demonstrates the mind bending time, effort, and dedication it takes to make an animation old-school, without any post-production or special effects.

British artist and musician Max Hattler’s “AANAATT” is an entirely digital-free video, created by ever so slightly (and painstakingly) moving objects across a clear surface. The mesmerizing video morphs into an enclosed paper-world of abstract shapes while referencing Mondrian and futuristic architecture. Watch it for the effortless maneuvering that appears to work as seamlessly and steadily as a shipping cargo port, and enjoy as it changes pace and form multiple times to create a video art animation quite unlike anything we’ve seen before.

You can check out his website packed with stuff here.