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Year of the Selfie, Meet the Selfie of the Year

Images by Kyle Warfield

Now that the ubiquitous selfie has officially entered the lexicon (thanks, Internet and evolving language), we’re likely going to see some next-level stuff from enterprising artists and creators involving those close-cropped, self-shots.

Case in point: artist and animator Kyle Warfield has taken a year of selfies and made this clever little animation. Titled “Last Year of Selfies,” the animation shows Warfield in a variety of cotton tees and ever-lengthening/shortening facial hair across a full year.

Now if only someone could combine this with the rolling .gifs, we’d finally reach the event horizon of oddly artful and hypnotic .gifs.

You can see the full animation here, and Warfield is also selling a flipbook of the animation on his site.

[Source: Kyle Warfield via Laughing Squid]

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