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Let All Your Worries Melt Away with Henrique Lima’s Trippy Work

In his “Meltaway” series, artist Henrique Lima crazies up your brain space (so to speak) with a series of strobing, morphing, day-glo humans. It’s like a Hypercolor shirt for your eyes, I suppose.

Lima has created this weird, post-nuclear style to some of the images, featuring mean and woman with oozing wounds, facial ulcerations, and pulsing sores to accompany the unsettling color mix. These are people who clearly survived an encounter with the “Repo Man” briefcase of doom. Or something.

There’s a 3-D quality to the images that’s maybe the most fascinating part of the series: while some of the images simply use a simple strobe effect, in others, Lima pairs that with a slight off-set of the the coloring and the actual image to create depth.

I could be wrong, but it seems like it’s working under the same principle of the old red-blue 3-D glasses, exploiting our brain’s need to focus on one aspect of the image. While the glasses filter this out using separate, colored lenses, Lima seems to have been able to create the same effect by simply placing contrasting colors against one another and layered against a solid line.

It’s, for lack of a better word, trippy as all get out.


Lima is one half of the art duo the Bearded Ladies along with Julio Zukerman. The pair has been creating digital and print artworks together since 2007, and their most recent collaboration saw the pair turned into art by some of their favorite Brazilian sculptors.

[Source: Mstr Fngo via Zupi]

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