Happy 205th Birthday Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe has been credited with inventing modern short story writing as we know it. His creepy seminal works such as “The Raven” have canonized¬†him as a patron of modern horror and crime fiction. To celebrate what would’ve been Poe’s 205th birthday, we’ve compiled a small collection of works dedicated to the man himself in all his strange facets. After marrying his 13 year old cousin Virginia in 1935, Poe moved frequently across North America, writing for literary journals, before his mysterious and unexplained death in 1840 at aged 40.

"Edgar Allan Poe and Raven" by SusanSanford

"Nevermore" by Lopesco

"Poe Tee" by Anita Inverarity

"Edgar Alan Poe" by Josef Rubinstein

"It's All Gone to The Birds" by fixtape

"Nevermore" by nofrillsart

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