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Daily Inspiration: Robert Rauschenberg on What You Can’t Ignore

"I usually work in a direction until I know how to do it, then I stop. At the time that I am bored or understand — I use those words interchangeably — another appetite has formed. A lot of people try to think up ideas. I’m not one. I’d rather accept the irresistible possibilities of what I can’t ignore."

Painter and ready-made artist (and musician and all round art maker) Robert Rauschenberg talks above about the way in which he works towards something until he gets bored or understands it. It’s a common creative phenomena to approach a new creative endeavor and as soon as you’ve touched on it to abandon it. Instead of seeing this as a shortcoming, it’s nice to see Rauschenberg suggest it’s an opportunity to follow a creative line of thinking that demands attention. There’s probably a reason you can’t ignore new creative paths.

"It's a waiting game" by levman