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Daily Inspiration: Advice on Creativity from the Late Joe Strummer

"Somewhere between between intuition and instinct, and somewhere very far from intellectualism lies true intelligence."

That’s The Clash frontman Joe Strummer speaking to you from beyond the grave in this animated short from Bulletproof Thoughts AKA Antoni Sendra.

Maybe the most poignant thing about the clip is the way it touches on how intelligence and the making of things comes from the instinctual part of the brain. While Strummer goes kind of hard against intellectualism (I think there’s something to be said for deep, critical thinking in improving our world), I do love the idea of allowing the creative impulse, the instinctual part of the brain to take over when confronting the world.

Sendra assembled the motion graphics short around an interview with Strummer from 1999 conducted by John Wilson on behalf of BBC 4 (you can listen to the whole thing here).

[Source: Lifelounge]

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