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Daily Inspiration: J.G. Ballard on an Eventless World

"It seems to me that what most of us have to fear for the future is not that something terrible is going to happen, but rather that nothing is going to happen. And we may live, or my children may very well live in a boring world; in what I would call an eventless world, a world where nothing happens. What I fear, this will lead to an atrophy of the imagination."

Are we destined to live in an boring world? “Crash” author J.G. Ballard certainly thinks so.

In the video above, from the 1986 documentary “Future Now,” Ballard discusses his fears for the future and it’s potential for being a stinking, boring bore. Ballard goes on to express his admiration for the surrealist movement and its influence on his work. As well as why he mourns the “boxed off” status of science fiction, as he says, it’s the authentic literature of the 20th century.

So what’s the takeaway here? Be strange. Be surreal. Be weird. Be whatever.

“Intervention of the space # 2” by Gerardo Garduño

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