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The New Stuff: Adding New Work Just Got Easier

We’ve made a couple of rather handy improvements to the Add New Work page to make uploading your art to RB a smoother experience, freeing you to spend more time elbow deep in your creative weapons of choice.

Instant Validation

Live image size validation lets you know if your image doesn’t meet the minimum size requirements for print products before you click the big red Save Work button. Also, our resident robots will let you know if the dimensions, colorspace and/or format is incorrect when uploading a work in which a template is required — like stickers, clothing, or cases. So we’ve taken care of all the guesswork for you.

Upload Options

We now have a new native uploader that replaces the old fashioned Flash one. So now you can not only easily drag and drop files like a pro, but you can also upload your wonderful work directly from devices that don’t support flash, like all your various iGadgets and iThings and iWhatevers.

Still having trouble? Hit up the help scene.

[Header image: “Pop Eyes” by Donald Smith]

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