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Animated Short Details One Man’s 40-year Alcoholic Journey

North Carolina Resident Eddie Lanier says that he comes from a long line of alcoholics. And it’s this history, and a little push from an friendly frat boy one Halloween that propelled Lanier through 40 years of drink and over two dozen treatment programs.

In this animated short from PBS’s StoryCorps, Lanier recounts how we reached his lowest point, and how one man’s generosity may have saved his life.

Brooklyn-based Rauch Bros. Animation, created the short for the half-hour special “Listening is the Act of Love”. Rauch Bros. is the studio behind the Green Lantern-themed DC Nation short, and they’ve racked up a handful of Emmy nominations for their work.

Eddie’s story is especially effective because of the way it juxtaposes the faux-sunny animation style of someone like John. K (or going further back, a little wry Bob Clampett). Check it out, and if you can, do something decent for a stranger this Holiday season.

[Source: PBS StoryCorps via Laughing Squid]

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