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These Mesmerizing GIFs are on a Roll

Oh, Rrrrrrrroll.gif, we love you so. This Tumblr, created by an anonymous art collective, is juts so terribly hypnotic. The centerpiece of each image is an unsmiling young woman who appears to exist in a still world of fashionable melancholy.

Image via Rrrrrrrroll.gif

These rolling gifs are made by taking a static background image and adding one (or more) foreground images which are changed with each frame. Of course, the Rrrrrrrroll.gif collective doesn’t seem content to play with the one version of the rolling .gif, adding in multiple rotating objects as well as dynamic backgrounds to some of their pieces.

Rrrrrrrroll.gif isn’t exactly new – it kicked off last summer, with around two new images per week (scaled back to one a week). Since then, they’ve accumulated a nice library of young men and women rolling around all sorts of fruit, books, and miscellaneous objects.

Image via Rrrrrrrroll.gif

Image via Rrrrrrrroll.gif

Image via Rrrrrrrroll.gif

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