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Samsung Galaxy Cases Have Arrived

Have you been wondering when you could wrap your wonderful, unique art around those lovely little Samsung Galaxy phones? Well, the answer is now as we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of Samsung Galaxy cases to the world of Redbubble.

"So Serious" by volkandalyan (Photo: Sara Norling)

Here’s the officially official word:

“Your Galaxy needs protection. It’s okay, they’re not building a Death Star, we mean your telephone. Because these days it’s not just a phone anymore, it’s also a camera and a torch and a door stop and some other things too. So we’ve created the toughest cases we could to protect your most precious of daily devices. We’re using TATT™, the single finest technology available today for case decoration to impregnate the design into your case for maximum durability. They’re constructed from the finest Amorphous Polymer which sounds like it just crawled from the sea but is actually a very strong plastic that’s apparently used up there in space. It’s extremely strong, like a post-spinach Popeye.”

If you’ve already created iPhone cases on Redbubble then you’re all set. Your designs will appear on Samsung Cases automatically. And if you haven’t yet created a case design, then there’s no better time to do it than RIGHT NOW. The world is full of Samsung phones. Naked ones.

Head over here to find out even more.

"Wanderlust" by LordWharts (Photo: Sara Norling)

"Operate, Annihilate" by Hector Mansilla (Photo: Sara Norling)

"Cross Your Fingers II" by bbbboom (Photo: Sara Norling)

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