Inverted Worlds: Ocean as Sky, Sky as Ocean

Enter a world where the sky is the ocean and the ocean is the sky. Where whales hang out in small fishbowls or glide gently as aerial blimps. Where the line between H20 and oxygen isn’t so clear, and a discerning appreciation for subtle playfulness is exercised. In this curious collection we bring you a mind-bending and scale shifting series of inverted oceans and skylines that play with perspective. This collection features some of Redbubble’s exciting graphic designers, all of whom seem to have left the laws of gravity and scale out of their artwork.

"Solitary Dream - as above so is below" by Budi Satria Kwan

"The Inner Ocean" by ChristianSchloe

"Denpasar Illustration Toni Demuro" by Eric Tchijakoff

"Depths of Imagination by Jennalee Auclair

"Full fathom five" by Rebekie Bennington

"Exhaling flotsam by Simon Reeves

"Someday I will Never Grow Up" by InsectsAngels

"It's a Small World" by rubyred

Have you seen any ┬áinverted worlds on RB or do you have a favorite design which plays with scale? Paste them in the comments below, we’d love to see them.