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An Artist Plants Fake ‘Seinfeld’ Movie Posters from Milan to Minsk to New York

Sadly, it’s not for “Death Blow” (“When someone tries to blow you up, not for who you are but for different reasons altogether…”), still this project by New York-based artist Jay Shells (AKA Jason Shelowitz) reminds us that the show about nothing had some great fake movies we wanted to see.

Speaking with DNA Info, Shells says he got the idea after catching reruns of the groundbreaking sitcom, which featured the gang attempting to see several made-up movies over the course of their nine seasons together.

Photo by: Jay Shells

Shells chose the hothouse drama “Rochelle, Rochelle” as the fake movie to promote, plastering posters for the film up around 2nd Avenue in New York.

Explaining his choice to DNAInfo, Shells says “‘Rochelle, Rochelle'” is the movie most fans will remember: “Anyone who considers themselves a fan of the show, if you say ‘Rochelle, Rochelle,’ they’ll say, ‘a young girl’s strange erotic journey from Milan to Minsk.'”

According to the piece, depending on public reaction, Shells may create more posters based on other films from the series including “Sack Lunch” and “Chunnel.”

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