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Daily Inspiration: Pauline Kael on Bursting with Creativity

"In this country we encourage 'creativity' among the mediocre, but real bursting creativity appalls us. We put it down as undisciplined, as somehow 'too much'."

Pauline Kael was an American film critic who worked for the New Yorker for many years. Her books “I Lost it at the Movies” and “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” are seminal reads for any cinefile. If I could sit down and watch “Citizen Kane” with anyone, it would be Ms. Kael every single time. She’s a complete cinematic badass. She’s witty, fiercely critical, and isn’t afraid to call things as they are (she famously reviewed “The Sound of Music” and called it “The Sound of Money” for it’s box office pop-sugary-optimism of World War II). Her wise words above hit the nail on the head in terms of identifying a difficult by-product of creativity. Passion (and intensity) scare people, and can put them off if you’re exuberance of awesome makes them doubt their own. Hopefully today’s Daily Inspiration leaves you feeling like it’s okay be be bursting with creativity, and splatter “too much” all over today.

"Keep it Reel." by Joshua Steele