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Daily Inspiration: Criss Jami on ‘The Crazy Creatives’

"The crazy creatives are the creatives who never go completely mad. They aren't so easily disheartened by the seemingly endless amounts of scrutiny that creative individuals tend to receive because they, like insanity, are the ones who feed off of opposition and negative feedback and manage to continue along with a healthy ambition. It is the crazy that teaches us to use our gifts wisely and own all the attackers."

Criss Jami is an American writer and musician known for his books “Venus in Arms” and and “Salomé,” and here he’s suggested that there is an upside to being a “crazy creative”. Perhaps Jami is suggesting that creative beings aren’t lead to insanity and despair because we, as creative people, can feed off of feedback to grow and make more. It’s an interesting nugget to muse over, and easy to identify with — it seems a common shared experience that creative people are often pushed, or nudged every so slightly towards madness.


"Crystal Candy Volcano" by CaptMummy