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Daily Inspiration: Art Chantry on Design Association

"An old surrealist trick was to take images that had no business being together and plopping them into the same image. Your mind wants to make associations. Design does that all the time."

Art Chantry is a graphic designer known for his low-fi approach and album covers for bands like Nirvana, Hole, and The Sonics. In the quote above, he suggests that our brains can connect images via associations, just as graphic design is a combination of provocations. Our brains have a predisposition to seek patterns out and identify them, and Chantry is suggesting that the use of nuance and subtelty in graphic design can be helpful to seeing (and making) good design. Perhaps by creating designs in the same way our minds find patterns, we could unveil new and interesting iconography. It’s an interesting thought. Read more about our brain’s love of finding false patterns here.

"Disconnected Reality" by R-evolution GFX