RB Collection: Ampersands & Art are a Match Made in Heaven

The ampersand, a logogram representing the word “and” has been with us since the 1st Century A.D. when it was popular to combine the letters “E” and “T” to form a ligature, as “et” is Latin for “and”. Since then the humble ampersand has become another typographic symbol unto which designers could unleash their creativity upon – from frilly medieval ampersands, to sleek modernist curvy ampersands. I’ve assembled the RB community’s best ampersands, which are funny and charming as well as being colorful and elegant. To celebrate this fusing of form and language here’s is our definitive collection of ampersands.

"Ampersand Construction" by Zeke Tucker

"ampersands.. in blue" by ltdRUN

"Amper Sand" by Zeke Tucker

"Ampersands" by laurenschroer

"Amperhand" by mattjames

"Ampersand" by andytlr

"Ampersand" by williamhenry

"ampersand" by Bruce Dickson

Have you seen any  ampersands lurking on RB ? Paste them in the comments below .