Faceless Figures

Faceless figures have been around creeping us out and keeping us entertained for years. We’ve not seen the face of Cousin Itt, Daft Punk, nor the Once-ler’s face from Dr. Seuss’s “The Lorax,” the mystery and wonder from faceless beings has been a long running trope of creative pursuits. We’ve searched high and low and found the strangest aloof figures who will not look you in the eyes, and we can safely say that RB is rife with creepy faceless beings.

/"Lobotomy" by ARTphotographix

"Right, Down" by Spencer Tymchak

"calligraphy" by Charlotte Lin

"The Beginning" by ChristianSchloe

"deviation in direction. by JustK

"Mellah" by Lala Mártin

Have you seen any faceless spooky figures lurking on RB ? Paste them in the comments below.