A Chilly Collection of Wintry Diptych Photography

The weather is turning, winter is fast approaching and the sky above looks bleak. To celebrate the realization that your tan is so far gone you can basically see through the first few layers of your skin and you’re wearing hoodies and sweaters pretty much full time, we’ve arranged diptych photographs that provide a unique view on the seasonal shift as fall turns into winter. This collection features warm jumpers, snowy branches, and a cup of hot tea or two. Guaranteed to have you feeling smug if you’re somewhere warm, or grumpy if you’re not. Retreat to blanket now.

"{winter evening}" by Nataliya Khan

"Goodbye England | covered in snow" by Fiona Christensen

"Twilight Coffee" by ©Maria Medeiros

"Forgiveness" by Dana DiPasquale

"Untitled" by kcee

"rained, again" by Th3rd World Order

"Ivy" by Sybille Sterk

"Freedom" by Mui-Ling Teh

"maia by Jill Auville

Have you seen any brilliant diptych work on RB lately? Which are your favourite diptych works? We’d love for you to share them in the comments below. You can click through on all the images above to check these images out on a plethora of products from these talented RB photogs.