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Remember 5 Pointz with these Amazing Street Art Videos

A few weeks back the owners of the famous 5 Pointz building in Long Island City, NY white washed over a crucial piece of street art history. For decades, 5 Pointz has been a crucial stomping ground for NY street artists. It’s now set to be demolished and to be (shockingly) replaced by luxury high-rises. To commemorate the end of an era, I’ve recently found some seriously satisfying street art process videos that have been uploaded within the last week, many of which were shot at 5 Pointz.

And if you’ve got some time, check out this amazing documentary below on the history of 5 Pointz that was made in response to the well-known threat that 5 Pointz could be painted over and turned into condos to sell. Sadly this became a reality just a few short days ago.