RB Travel Guide: The Wonders of the World

This collection is a world tour of the incredible 7 (plus a few) Wonders of the World taken by Redbubble photographers. Featuring truly breathtaking artworks, our members of our community have travelled around the world (a few times) to bring you stunning images of the greatest marvels on the planet. The first seven on the list are the classics, and then we’ve included some natural wonders that truly blow our minds. Prepare to be amazed, and join us as we zip from Egypt to Rome to Zambia to Peru and all the way home again in this installment of the “RB Travel Guide.”

1. The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

"Pyramid of Giza" by Chris Bavaria

2. The Colosseum, Italy

"Colosseum Rome" by vlphoto

3. The Great Wall of China, China

"Winter at the Great Wall of China" by Hannah Nicholas

4. The Stonehenge, England

"Stonehenge" by macoller

5. Hagia Sophia, Turkey

"Sophia" by meanderthal

6. Machu Picchu, Peru

"Machu Picchu" by Rhona

7. The Taj Mahal, India

"Dawn at Taj Mahal" by Luka Skracic

8. The Aurora Borealis Northern Lights

"Aurora Borealis at the Beach" by Frank Olsen

9. The Grand Canyon, USA

"Grand Canyon Dawn" by DawsonImages

10. Victoria Falls, Zambia



"Sunset over the Victoria Falls, Zambia" by Alex Cassels

Have you any favorite natural or man made wonders on RB you’d like to share? Paste them in the comments below. Check out the groups National Parks of the World & Great Parks of the World & Your Country’s Best for more truly inspiring work.